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Hello and welcome to the web site for Jeffry Houser's books.

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ColdFusion: The Complete Reference is an important reference for all ColdFusion developers, written from scratch based on ColdFusion MX. It covers all aspects of ColdFusion, starting with server setup and administration and moving on to advanced topics such as Web services, XML, and CFX Custom tag development. View View View Buy
cover ColdFusion: A Beginner's Guide is a book in Osborne McGrawHill's Beginner's Series. The Beginner series offers a self-paced learning. ColdFusion: A Beginner's Guide is written to teach both the ColdFusion language and programming concepts. View View View Buy
cover Instant ColdFusion is a book in Osborne McGrawHill's Instant Series. The Instant series offers a deconstructive approach to application development that teaches important concepts by example. Each chapter in Instant ColdFusion builds a real world application, starting from the database table structure and moving through to finished CFML code. View View View Buy

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