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ColdFusion: A Beginner's Guide

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Discover the easiest way to construct Web-based applications and interactive Web sites with help from this instructive guide. ColdFusion 5: A Beginner's Guide uses a proven learning method to give even total beginners profound and useful insights into the world of programming. Learn programming fundamentals, database concepts, and specifics of the ColdFusion language, then follow examples and tutorials designed to help you build and deploy your own dynamic Web site-including incorporating data from ODBC Databases, such as MS Access and SQL or MS SQL Server. Whether you're new to programming, or brushing up on ColdFusion techniques, this potent learning tool will help you meet your goals.

Part I The Basics

Chapter 1 The Web and ColdFusion Synopsis
Chapter 2 All About Variables Synopsis
Chapter 3 Database Design Theory Synopsis
Chapter 4 Parameter Passing and Forms Synopsis
Chapter 5 SQL: The Language of the Database Synopsis
Chapter 6 Getting Things Done in ColdFusion Synopsis

Part II Programming Concepts in ColdFusion

Chapter 7 ColdFusion’s Application Framework Synopsis
Chapter 8 Making Decisions with ColdFusion Synopsis
Chapter 9 How to Loop in ColdFusion Synopsis
Chapter 10 Reusing Your Code Synopsis
Chapter 11 Handling Errors in ColdFusion Synopsis
Chapter 12 CFScript Synopsis
Chapter 13 Lists Synopsis
Chapter 14 Complex Variable Types Synopsis

Part III Appendices

Appendix A Answers to Mastery Checks Synopsis
Appendix B What Is the Next Step? Synopsis
Appendix C Web References Just check out these links

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