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Top 10 Things to do with the Jeffry Houser ColdFusion Book Collection

Perhaps some of you have more than one of my books, so in the late-night style, I put together this list of things that you can do with them:

10. Stack them all on top of each other and use as doorstop.

9. Post a review of the books on
The Complete Reference Beginner's Guide Instant ColdFusion

8. Shred them and use as packing material.

7. Put them on your bookshelf so your friends, co-workers, and clients will get a warm fuzzy "You know what you're doing" feeling.

6. Join ( or start) a ColdFusion User Group in an attempt to get free books from Osborne.

5. Read them to your children as bedtime stories.

4. Modify resume to highlight new ColdFusion skills.

3. Flame Jeffry because book has too many typos.

2. Combine them with your Ben Forta Book collection and build a Fort.

1. Read them again.

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