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   Here is various different tid-bits that I've put up here. Some is just code for articles that I haven't written yet. Some are links to articles on other sites.
My full list of ColdFusion Developer Journal articles can be found here .
To keep better up to date with things I'm doing, check out my personal blog at

Article Files / Link

Creating Sounds in Flash Movies Link
I gave this presentation at Powered by Detroit, the Connecticut Macromedia User Group, and will be giving it at the CFUNITED conference. Its all about creating sounds for Flash Movies. I concentrate on effects, but you can use the same concepts I discuss for voice overs or music. I created the presentation in Flash, and this links downloads the zipped projector.

Database Design Link
ColdFusion Developer's Journal: March 2005

Getting to Know Dreamweaver MX Link
ColdFusion Developer's Journal: February 2005

Displaying Grouped Output with ColdFusion Link
ColdFusion Developer's Journal: January 2005

Creating a Component to Help You Collect Addresses Link
ColdFusion Developer's Journal: December 2004

ColdFusion Components Link
ColdFusion Developer's Journal: November 2004

Creating and Using User-Defined Functions Link
ColdFusion Developer's Journal: October 2004

ColdFusion's Application Framework Link
ColdFusion Developer's Journal: September 2004

Creating a Remember Me Login Link
ColdFusion Developer's Journal: August 2004

What's the Best Approach to Software Development? Link
ColdFusion Developer's Journal: July 2004

Structures and Arrays Part 2 Link
ColdFusion Developer's Journal: June 2004

Structures and Arrays Part 1 Link
ColdFusion Developer's Journal: May 2004

Making Decisions in Your Code with cfif Link
ColdFusion Developer's Journal: April 2004

Expressing Yourself in ColdFusion Link
ColdFusion Developer's Journal: March 2004

Creating Variables in CFML Link
ColdFusion Developer's Journal: February 2004

Setting Up Your Development Server with ColdFusion 5, MX, and BlueDragon Link
ColdFusion Developer's Journal: September 2003

ColdFusion MX vs ASP.NET Link
ColdFusion MX compared to ASP.NET.

Creating Abstract Data Types in ColdFusion Link
An Abstract Data Type is the highest level of abstraction in a procedural programming language. They are a way to create your own data types that act in manners similar to predefined datatypes, such as Integers, Strings, Structures, or Arrays. This presentation explores that conncept in both ColdFusion 5 and ColdFusion MX.
I'll be giving a ColdFusion MX version of this presentation at CFUN-03. It will have much more real world examples.

Creating a Web Service in ColdFusion MX Link
One of ColdFusion MX's brand new features is the ability to create and consume Web services. This is an article I wrote for the Macromedia Developer / Designer Exchange on creating a Web Service to access the XML feed.

Note: After I wrote the article released Web services of their own and the XML feed will eventually become obsolete.

Top 10 Things to do with Jeffry's Books Link
A little bit of Humor.

Integrating Web Service with ColdFusion MX Link
This is the PowerPoint Presentation and code samples from the ColdFusion MX presentation I gave at various User Groups in August and September.

Abstract Data Types in ColdFusion Files
ColdFusion does not have a built in mechanism for creating your own data types, but many traditional languages do. This code creates a Stack as an Abstract Data Type using User Defined Functions. The file to take note of is stack.cfm.

Getting Macromedia's XML Feed Files 1 Files 2
Macromedia is making an XML resource feed available on their web site. The first download is the original function I wrote to parse the data and return it as ColdFusion variables. The second file is a rework of the first function that returns the data as a query.

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