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ColdFusion Reference Sites
Go There Macromedia: The company that owns and continues development of ColdFusion
Go There A list of frequently asked questions about ColdFusion
Go There ColdFusion Developer's Journal home page
Go There CFComet: Information about using ColdFusion and COM Objects
Go There The ColdFusion Common Function Library Project, a source for user-defined functions
Go There Articles on ColdFusion
Go There CFHub: Another reference for ColdFusion information
Go There Cold Cuts: ColdFusion code samples
Go There Fusion Cube: An information site on ColdFusion
Go There The Connecticut ColdFusion User Group
ColdFusion Development Methodologies
Go There Fusebox: the most widely accepted development methodology
Go There CFObjects: A framework for developing applications in ColdFusion with a hint of object-oriented programming
Go There Black Box: a ColdFusion development methodology
Go There Switch Box: A ColdFusion development methodology
Go There Smart Objects: another methodology aligning ColdFusion and object-oriented development
Go There IIFramework: Another framework for developing ColdFusion applications
Free ColdFusion Hosting
Go There
Go There CFM Resources
Go There, a ColdFusion Host directory
Go There ColdFusion Hosting Plans, another ColdFusion Host Directory
ColdFusion Email Lists
Go There House Of Fusion: The best source for ColdFusion email discussion lists
Go There Numerous mailing list archives
Go There A mailing list for developing wireless applications with ColdFusion
Go There The ColdFusion Developer's Journal mailing list
Go There Fusion Authority: a weekly ColdFusion e-zine
Go There ColdFusion TIPS PLUS: a weekly e-zine
Go There ColdFusion Monthly
Go There CF Advisor: Another source for ColdFusion information and jobs
Training and Certification
Go There Vue: the home page for the company that administers Macromedia certification tests
Go There CFCertification: Online guides for studying for Allaire certification
Go There Brain Bench: An independent third-party certification company
Go There Brain Buzz: Another independent third-party certification company
Go There Smart Planet: Online courses in a variety of topics
Other Technologies
Go There Creators of the Java Outline applet we used in Instant ColdFusion
Go There The Fader applet that was used in Instant Coldfusion
Go There Java Boutique: Tutorials and information on Java
Go There Javasoft: a source for Java Applets
Go There FlashCFM: Developing with Flash and ColdFusion
Go There openWDDX: The WDDX home page
Go There MS SQL Server: A SQL Server resource
Go There SWYNK The biggest resource for Microsoft BackOffice products such as SQL Server, Exchange, Internet Information Services (IIS), and Windows 2000
Go There SQL Server Magazine home page
Go There Apache: A free web server
Other Resources
Go There Tag Servlet: A Java-based interpreter for ColdFusion Markup Language
Go There IRT: A resource for many web languages, including ColdFusion information
Go There The home page for ColdFusion's technical evangelist Ben Forta
Go There The World Wide Web Consortium home page
Useless (But interesting)
Computer Games
Go There Space Quest: The Lost Chapter, a fan-made game
Go There The Chronology of Quendor (I.E. Zork)
Go There Jumpman 2: An update to an old PC game, being created by the original creator
Go There Midnight Ryder: a start-up game company
Go There Royal Quest: a parody of Kings Quest 1, and an unofficial King's Quest 1 remake
Go There Book of Spells: An adventure-type game.
Go There Just Adventure: an adventure gaming magazine
Go There Far Cry Fly: CT's Favorite Alternative Folk Rock band (I'm in it)
Go There Far Cry Fly's site
Go There Facing Sideways: caught somewhere between Tool, Godsmack, and Korn
So Useless, I store these in a bookmark folder called useless
Go There Papa Smurf is a Communist
Go There The Earth Rotates in the wrong direction
Go There Netiquette home page (Okay, not quite useless)
Go There Towel Day, long live Douglas Adams (Okay, this one isn't useless either)

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Training and Certification | ColdFusion Email Lists | Free ColdFusion Hosting

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